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Nullarbor View, Western Australia, by Kate Jordahl

Kate Jordahl is showing photographs from Cloudscapes.

Her artwork has been concerned with spaces we humans classify as sacred for many years and has evolved to include the questions of personal spaces as well as public spaces. Sacred for her includes natural spaces, religious spaces and places where personal experience leaves a spiritual mark.

The images here are from places where there is a sense of magic and wildness such as Norway, Australia, New Zealand and the Western United States. These are places that are both designated as important like Fjordland National Park or Death Valley National Park and the places between, like the view from a hike off the side of the Nullabor Highway as we crossed the Australian continent to Perth. Being open to the spirit of place in all of these locations is part of what she finds intriguing in travel and in photography. She plans her journey for "destinations" like national parks and World Heritage sites and then celebrate as the places between are also full of visual wonder. For all the spaces, both recognized and by the way, she strives to recognize and capture the spirit and power of place in her photographs.

Seeing inspires Kate Jordahl and she exhibits her enthusiasm and passion for the art of photography in her work. In her travels and photography, she searches for the places where the spirit of the earth and the human spirit come together. Using both film and digital capture, Kate stretches her images to beyond the expected representation to a magical and reverent imaging of the land.

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