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Canyonlands, Utah, by Geir Jordahl

Geir Jordahl is showing photographs from Searching for True North.

Geir Jordahl is an artist, teacher and dedicated traveler. Both his personal and commercial photography is a reflection of his passion for light and life. As a teacher he emphasizes the importance of dedication to craft while fully exploring creative potentials.

In his photography, Geir Jordahl explores his relationship to space and experience by interacting with its periphery through the use of panoramic vision. His engaging compositions speak both to the specifics of place and to the imagination. The journey is an integral part of Geir's work both figuratively and literally. Geir is Norwegian born and feels that the foundation of travel is an essential aspect of his vision. Searching for True North is a selection of images from 30 years of Geir Jordahl's photographic work. On this lifelong journey, he follows his internal compass to discover the universal landscape, those places that, while separated by cultural or political borders, are united in their celebration of the Earth and its interaction with human-made elements. Although Jordahl is inspired by place, the work is not place specific. As Margaretta K. Mitchell says in the book's introduction, "Nature has given Jordahl a way to comment on our contemporary lives . . . The iconography of earth, air, and water come together in Jordahl's photographs with the artifacts of civilization, allowing the mysteries of these places to haunt us, making poetry of the visible."

He is director of PhotoCentral, a non-profit photographic educational facility in Hayward, California.

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