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David Becker

Tulips and Iris, April 2012

inkjet print

image 15 x 10

My favorite part of digital art is the creativity involved from the clicking of the shutter through to seeing of the print coming out of the printer. I enjoy the process of making art. My computer is my pallet, the stylus my brush and the tablet or iPad my canvas.

To me, photography is a tool to collect material to help me realize the ideas in my mind, or sometimes the ideas come after I capture the image. I get inspired by things around me in my daily life and in all kinds of things I see or hear. My goal is to make my art look like a realistic photo, painting. drawing or a little of all three. Some people look at my art and say that I am an artist not a photographer and other say that I am a photographer not an artist. I think of myself as being a digital artist.

David Becker