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Tom Barkin

Street Mime, Havana, Cuba, December 2012

inkjet print

image 16 x 12

Tom Barkin is a Eugene, Oregon photographer. He was born and raised in Wisconsin. On a vacation in 1975, he fell in love with the oceans and mountains of the Pacific Northwest. It took only a moment to conclude that life would be more fulfilling "to live in Oregon and vacation in Wisconsin."

Over the years, he has had the good fortune to take his camera to destinations far from the well-trodden paths. His search for context, color, shape, and, of course, food, have taken him from the Arctic Circle to Kenya's Central Rift Valley; from Western Europe to Central Asia, the Himalayas and on to Southeast Asia; and from Canadian outposts to Central and South America. Although the locations may, at times, be exotic, Tom has found that his best photos are the ones that capture the intimacy of benign moments.

Recently, the O'Brien Gallery in Eugene showed his photographs from development projects in Kenya's Central Rift Valley and in a rural village on the Guatemala-Honduras border.