Edward Steichen

Portfolio: The Early Years, 1900-1927

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During the seven decades of Edward Steichen's career, he advanced photography as an art form as well as a medium of visual communication. His most profound photographs were made between 1900 and 1927. In 1969, he selected 12 works and asked Aperture's Michael Hoffman to attempt their publication as hand-pulled photogravures.
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Steichen understood the potential of photogravure and considered photogravure prints to be original works of art, in many cases the most faithful realization of the photographer's intention.
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In the 70s, Jon Goodman, working to revive the photogravure process, teamed up with Richard Benson and Hoffman to execute the exacting plates. The painstaking task of printing an edition of 1000 was accomplished, under Goodman's supervision, at the atelier de Taille Douce, Saint-Prex, Switzerland. The portfolio was finished in 1981.
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