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Vanishing Point

Photographs by Chris Gower
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exhibition -- February 26 - March 30, 2013
at the Emerald Art Center in Springfield


Second Friday reception -- March 8, 5-7 pm

gallery talk -- Friday, March 29, 7 pm


This collection is called Vanishing Point. These photographs are traditional black and white gelatin silver prints, the majority created with an 8x10 view camera. Vanishing Point refers to three ideas: the vanishing point in linear perspective, our changing physical world, and the rarity of contemporary large-format film landscape photography in this digital age.

I photograph the natural and human-altered landscape, using traditional view cameras to capture modern subject matter. I love views that translate well to black and white photography, full of light, shadow, contrast, tone and texture. I develop my own film and craft my own prints by hand in a traditional darkroom. I have a profound respect for the history and tradition of silver-based photography, and am proud to be part of that continuum.

I was born in Tokyo, Japan, and was raised and educated in Seattle, Washington. My wife and I have enjoyed living in Oregon since 2009. I have studied privately with photographer Alan Ross, a master printer and former assistant to Ansel Adams. This show is dedicated with gratitude to my teacher Alan Ross. I also thank Steve Anchell and Susie Morrill for their support in making this show possible.

Chris Gower
Salem, Oregon
February 2013

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