Howard Bond Photographs

a retrospective exhibition

August 7-11, 2014

New Zone Gallery, 164 W Broadway in Eugene

exhibit poster

opening reception -- August 8, 5-8 pm

Howard Bond gallery talk -- 7 pm

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Howard Bond began photographing in 1945 and turned to fine art in the 1960s, increasing to full time by 1979. He has had over 60 one-man exhibitions and 40 group exhibitions, mostly in museums and galleries. His photographs are in the collections of more than 35 museums in the United States and Europe. The Michigan Council for the Arts awarded him a Creative Artist Grant in 1985, the year in which he wrote the first of 100 articles for Photo Techniques magazine. His educational activities also include teaching workshops that have been attended by over 2000 photographers from 5 continents. He has published 2 books and 23 limited edition portfolios of prints.
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Bond's photographs are made with conventional materials, rather than digitally, using large cameras that take individual sheets of film, 5"x7", 8"x10", or 11"x14". He practices the Modernist style of straight photographs pioneered in the 1930s by Group f64, which included his principal teacher, Ansel Adams.
Howard Bond web site
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