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Bryan Andresen
Albert Rim Sunrise, 2017
framed pigment print
image 18 x 12

"My photographs are typically the result of an enthusiastic hike in search of unique glimpses of nature.  I enjoy the entire process of planning an outing, observing the weather, light, and composition of the subject. The actual “taking” of a photograph affects me.  Often my heart will race, giving me immediate feedback that the image is original and worthwhile.   The photographic process is a journey of the translation of light on the camera sensor to a print that sparks in me the original aesthetic and emotional response.  Whether the result is an image of a landscape, water in all its forms, or rock strata, I seek meaning in a beautiful “snapshot” of color, time and space.    

As noted by Emerson, 'meaning in life may be better grounded in nature than American politics, religion, or literature.'  I am amazed at the complexities of natural cycles such as the erosion of rock and the formation of new sandstone, or the emergence and inevitable disintegration of all life.  My photographs open a small window into a feeling of wonder, and of mysterious permanence, overlying the cycles of nature."

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