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Sandi O'Brien 1
Hult Lake, Branches
digital infrared pigment print
image 11 x 14

Photographing, from the time I was about twelve with my little Kodak Brownie to the present with my much more sophisticated equipment, has been about capturing a memory, a moment in time, a vision.  At first it was just snapshots of people and places that were dear to me.  Then during my busy child raising/working years it was to capture images that I might like to paint or draw in the future.  I married my photographer husband in 1997 and it is him I have to thank for my introduction into photography for its own sake.  Eventually photography became its own art form for me as I have gained confidence and experience.  I am rarely without a camera and usually judging whether what I see would be best as a color, black and white or infrared image.   I tend to photograph nature mostly, but occasionally am drawn to photograph a person, animal or architectural subject.  I am retired now and I am looking forward to stretching my creative muscles into new and unknown places and ideas.