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Greg Geisy
Barn Swallows, Finley Native Wildlife Refuge
inkjet print
image 19 x 13

As an award winning nature photographer, Greg has a keen interest in the state of not only our wild places but our urban environment - the world outside our door.  His years of experience have honed his eye to focus on and appreciate the details present in nature.  He believes that the average person should spend more time to notice and focus on where we live. People need to connect, appreciate, and protect the world around them.

Greg has been a serious photographer for over forty years.  He has ranged in styles from fine art black and white photography, to architectural photography, to color commercial product macro photography, to event photography, and onto nature photography which mainly includes macro and telephoto color photos of plant, flower, bird and other wildlife.

His photography is enhanced by his background in architecture, jewelry, and landscape design and construction. To help him produce that detail in digital photos he has went from a Canon 20D, to a Canon EOS 5D Mark II and now to a Canon EOS 5DS R a 50 megapixel digital camera for its exceptional clarity.