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Sharon White 1
Entering Oblivion
pigment print
image 11 x 6

A Sense of Place

While in nature hiking and exploring I lose all sense of time and self.  With camera in hand I am entirely lost in the moment. Sharing this highly visceral experience with others amplifies the sheer pleasure of the art for me. Photography is truly my passion!

On Eugene’s official website it states, “Eugene is a city for the arts and outdoor enthusiast.” For me this area of the country is a “Mecca”, a “photographer’s heaven”. After relocating here last fall from the Midwest I could not wait to get out hiking and exploring the area. All photos displayed are from day hikes around Eugene and a few from more extended treks.

While studying photography as a fine art for 2 years at Milwaukee Center for Photography back in the 70’s, we photographed almost exclusively in black and white with a large format camera, using the 35mm for photojournalism only. However, all photos on display were taken with either the Samsung Note 4 or more recently with the Samsung Galaxy 8+. What a difference from carrying a 40-pound tripod over my shoulder and a heavy case with my Deardorf 4x5 view camera plus assorted lenses!

During my 20 plus years as a professional photographer in Chicago and 5 years in Menorca, Spain, I always found a place to set up my darkroom and did all my own black and white printing. While working on these digital images, I found myself gravitating toward the familiar tools I used in the darkroom and now have available in Adobe Photoshop.

And, I am indeed delighted to be able to share my photography here @ the 2018 PAO!

Thank you,

Sharon White