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Sandi O'Brien
Hult Lake reflections
infrared - pigment print
image 11 x 14

    I have been interested in photography ever since my grandmother gave me a Kodak Brownie camera in Junior High School.   In my late 30’s a friend gave me her 35 mm camera and I was off and running.  I am rarely without a camera (even if it’s just my iPhone).  I tend to photograph mostly nature, but occasionally am drawn to photograph people, architecture or an animal. I work in color, black and white and infrared.

In college I was an art major and for years I photographed so that I would have material to paint or draw when I had time. I later became a psychotherapist and photography became a stress reliever and way to stay in touch with my creative self. I have come to love photography as an art form in its own right. At this point, I am retired and looking forward to stretching my creative muscles.

For my birthday several years ago, my photographer husband took me on a photo outing and gave me a couple of rolls of infrared film and a deep red filter to use with my 35 mm camera.  He turned me loose with instructions that anything with chlorophyll and sunlight on it would turn white.  I loved what I came home with.  A couple of years ago I bought a tiny 6 mega pixel point and shoot digital camera, infrared conversion, and have been using that ever since.

There is a distinct difference between the infrared film prints and the digital infrared prints, but they both have their charms.  I love the otherworldly, magical feel of what I see through the infrared lens and enjoy sharing this magic world with you.