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Keith Munson

Bass, 2015

archival ink print

image 10 x 15

Keith Munson was born in Iowa. He became interested in photography during the years he was in the service. With little to do on a missile site in Korea, he spent hours becoming competent in his new pursuit. His experience at that time was printing with black and white in a darkroom. After the army he moved to Anchorage, Alaska and for the next twenty-five years continued with his lifelong passion. A few years ago, he reluctantly switched from the darkroom to the digital world. His work includes portraits, still life, nature, urban scenes, photojournalism, food, and, of course, travel. Keith has shown his photographs locally at the Lane County Courthouse, Springfield City Hall, Emerald Gallery and others. He has had photographs published in the literary journal Cirque, and the anthology Wine, Cheese, and Chocolate. He now resides in Eugene, Oregon.