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George Tice

Hayfork, Lancaster, PA, 1968

palladium print

image 8 x 10

George Tice has been working in the field of photography for more than 60 years, focusing his camera on the American rural and urban landscape. He is drawn to vestiges of American culture on the verge of extinction - from people in rural or small-town communities to urban and suburban neighborhoods that are often in decline.

Tice has had eighteen books published to date. His first book Fields of Peace, documented the life of Amish and Mennonite communities of Pennsylvania. In the late 1960s, Tice began exploring his home state and those photographs formed the beginnings of two of his best-known books: Urban Landscapes, A New Jersey Portrait, (1975) and Paterson, (1972), with sequels, George Tice : Urban Landscapes in 2002, Common Mementos in 2005 and Paterson II in 2006. His most recent book Seldom Seen (2013) is a collection of previously unpublished photographs.

A 10th generation New Jerseyan, Tice makes his home on the Jersey Shore.