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Sam Wang

Pylon, China, 2012

archival K3 print

image 17 x 22

Sam Wang was born in China and grew up in Hong Kong. He received an MFA in photography from the University of Iowa in 1966 and taught photography at Clemson University in South Carolina till retirement as Alumni Distinguished Professor of Art in 2006. His book, SAM WANG - Four Decades of Photographic Explorations was published by the Jiangsu Arts Publishing in China in 2010. He received the South Carolina Governor's Elizabeth Verner award for his contributions to the arts in 2012.

Sam's work has been collected and exhibited in major museums in the US and in China.


I am most interested in the expansion of our understanding of the world through observation, so photography became the perfect vehicle. As a do-it-yourselfer, that has led to designing and making my own cameras as well as using digital alongside non-traditional processes. The round images were made by one such camera to take in the entire image field of a wide-angle lens.
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