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Rhythm K149, 2010

platinum/palladium print

image 10 x 15

Ryuijie has steadfastly pursued his own photographic vision for more than thirty years and has acquired a reputation for exquisite platinum-palladium prints in addition to traditional black-and-white work. An exceptionally prolific artist, Ryuijie's career has been highlighted by a multitude of exhibitions. His work has appeared in several photographic magazines. He has published three books Ryuijie: Photographs, Time and Place, and Fragments of Time, and smaller catalogs.

His first portfolio Ryuijie: Ten Photographs was published in 1990 and his second portfolio Ryuijie: Portfolio Two Platinum/Palladium was published in 2002. Ryuijie's current work involves large split-toned black-and-white prints of frozen botanicals, and his third portfolio, P-square, a selection of square photographs taken with a Rolleiflex.

Works by Ryuijie can be found in private and public collections wordwide. His work is represented by numerous galleries nationwide. Portfolio Two is available at the Levin Gallery in Monterey, California.

Ryuijie web site