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Jim Leisy

Stars, from the series Matter. Light. Spin

digital print

image 10 x 10

print donated by Cynthia Kirk

Jim Leisy (1950-2014) was an artist, photographer, musician and publisher. He began making photographs at age eight and worked in many different formats. He achieved particular success with his Van Dyke series, Amateur Physics. Stars is from Matter.Light.Spin., a newer, color, digital series. The images were made in various, fair-flung locations as Jim mounted his 4x5 on a tripod to follow the night sky. Jim shifted the angle of the camera periodically, creating mysterious abstractions and inviting us to get lost in the stars. The entire series may be seen in the Drawers at Blue Sky Gallery (Portland, OR) throughout 2014. Jim was a founding member of the Photography Council at the Portland Art Museum and created its highly-popular, free, monthly "Brown Bag Lunch Talk Series."
Jim Leisy web site