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Hilary Francis Hoffman

Untitled (Space Shuttle Launch), 2008

image 20 x 13

I began my photography career in earnest as a freelance news photographer in Philadelphia, then moved to Houston to work as a stringer for the Associated Press. However, the Pennsylvania countryside kept calling, and I finally went to live closer to nature, and try organic farming. Two photojournalist positions were offered at local newspapers while I was farming, and I couldn't resist accepting on a part-time basis. Eventually, it became necessary for me to give up the physical labor of farming. I then accepted a graduate teaching assistant award offered at the University of Florida to pursue a Master of Fine Arts degree in Creative Photography. There, I discovered the joy of teaching.

At heart, I am an artist, an environmentalist, and a learner. And now, I will be magically melding the three things I love: photography, nature, and teaching (Just you watch!).

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