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Rich Bergeman

Black Angus in Morning Snowfall, 2011

pigment ink print

image 15 x 10

auction of this photograph includes the book East of Eden

Rich Bergeman is a retired community college journalism and photography instructor who has pursued a side-line as a fine-art photographer for the past 30 years. Much of his work is focused on the disappearing traces of Oregon's bygone days on both sides of the Cascades. A long-time large-format film photographer and platinum printer, Rich now photographs mostly with DSLRs and a 5x7" pinhole camera he made from a cigar box. He exhibits regularly in galleries and art centers around the Northwest, and in the last two years has self-published three portfolios on forgotten corners of Oregon history: Tidewaters, High Desert Dreams, and East of Eden (which is part of the auction).
Rich Bergeman web site