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Denise Ross

Long Term Memory, 2010

contact print of dry plate glass negative

on handmade gelatin silver paper

image 6 x 8

Denise Ross is an artist with two left feet stuck in science, so naturally photography is the perfect obsession. She became interested in historic, alternative photographic processes thirty years ago. When silver gelatin started to become a historic process, she realized almost no one was practicing the medium as a handcrafted art form. She decided to change that and for the last six years has devoted herself to the science and art of dry plate photography, handmade film, and hand-coated printing paper.

Denise is editor of The Light Farm, an online journal dedicated since 2008 to the renaissance of handcrafted silver gelatin emulsions. Her work has been featured in View Camera Magazine, PhotoTechniques magazine, and The Photographers' Formulary Newsletter. She was a speaker at 2009 APIS Santa Fe (Alternative Photographic International Symposium).

Denise Ross web site