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Frank Miller

Remains - Plastic Bag II, n.d.

archival inkjet print

image 22 x 14

I seldom know what I am doing as I do it.

There's a line from a William S. Burroughs piece I like. I mention it when people ask what I'm working on. It goes something like:

"I am a secret agent and I don't know who I am working for. I take my instructions from street signs, advertisements and snippets of conversation I pull out of the air like a hungry vulture tearing meat..."

I know that, in the end, it will be a body of photographs. But how many photos, how they will fit together, the story or feeling they will carry... I never know these things as I'm working. I just photograph whatever interests me. Some of it will be useful later, most won't. I think of it as being a little like riding a train facing backwards; things only become clear when they're far away.

This is a work in progress. Right now, I imagine the finished piece tying together photos shot over the last ten years into a loose narrative about wandering. About going into the desert not really sure what I'm looking for, but believing that is there. And that somehow, once I've found whatever it is, I will be different. Whole.

But since I don't know what or where it is, I just keep looking.

Frank Miller, 2008

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