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Steven Crawford

Untitled 1, 2011

Polaroid type 55, archival inkjet print

image 16 x 20

Steven Crawford is a New York City-based photographer who shoots both artwork and commercial photography out of his studio in Midtown Manhattan. Steven trained as a photographer at LCC in Eugene, Oregon. Inspired by fine art photography, he originally worked in camera stores and photo labs, refining his skills. In time, he started assisting fashion and commercial photographers and broadened his appeal to fashion photography.

Steven moved to New York in 2001. Over the past decade, he has established himself as an accomplished commercial photographer in the fashion industry, focused primarily on shooting luxury products, including high-end jewelry, fashion accessories and upscale, one-of-a-kind pieces for both premier designers and up-and-coming artists at the cutting edge of design. Steven runs a successful commercial photo studio, all the while expanding on his body of fine art work.

Steven's fine art portfolio spans a range of subjects. The primary focus of his body of work is flower images shot over more than fifteen years of exploring flora as a subject matter. The images depict the decay of the flowers and capture stages of their transformation. This collection is photographed on 4X5 color transparencies and 4X5 B&W Negative. The work is shot in camera, using multiple exposures, gelled lighting, and other experimental techniques. The B&W film is left to decay -- chemicals eating into the film, cracks covering the surface, dust and fingerprints collecting. Both flower and film undergo a natural deterioration. Process mirrors the subject.

Steven places great emphasis on the process and printing of the work. With the decline of B&W films, in order to preserve the "human touch" feel of the art, Steven has been experimenting with glass plate negatives as well as printing the work as photogravure.

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