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Jim Leisy

American Scientist, 2011

hand-coated paper/Van Dyke Brown Process

image 5 x 7

in 8x10 shadow box wood frame

I make still life and landscape photographs, sometimes the work is idea-driven, other times it is call and response.

Science is a strong interest of mine, hence the series entitled Amateur Physics; work that surfs the edges of art and science. Amateur Physics bridges the 19th and 21st centuries in terms of techniques and technology. Digital capture and/or film is used to generate a negative to make a Van Dyke Brown Process sun print in my backyard. This printing process was invented by Sir John Herschel, three years after H. F. Talbot invented the Calotype. Amateur Physics is comprised of photographic homages to scientists and interesting scientific concepts--some are literal in-camera photographs and others are imaginary creations--all in the end are photographs.

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