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Donna Gilhousen

Robert's Gifted Squash, n.d.

image 10 x 7

Donna Gilhousen began seriously experimenting with photography in the late 1980s when she joined Emerald Photographic Society in Eugene, Oregon, her hometown where she lives with her husband, Jan. She has served EPS several times as president and is currently an active board member. In 2011, Donna was elected a member of PhotoZone Gallery and became a board member of Photography at Oregon. Abstract and experimental images created first in the traditional darkroom led to Donna's further studies in the digital darkroom. With a foundation in photography at Lane Community College from such instructors as the late David Joyce and other innovators, she studied advanced photography with Mike Dean and Susie Morrill. Specializing in digital photographic illustration, Donna culminated her studies at LCC in
2001 with a degree in graphic design. Donna's experimental work with scanned objects evolved into images that evoke the illusoriness of so-called "real" photographs.

This recent triptych captures views of an immense winter squash left in an art gallery as a present to the director, who gifted it to Donna. After digital capture, she and her husband fitted it into a hot oven and feasted on the well-buttered roasted orange flesh and delicious squash soups for many days.