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Garry B. Fritz

Frenchglen School, 2002

archival inkjet print

image 15 x 6

Garry Fritz, like so many photographers, was interested in the interaction of space and time. His training in architecture nourished a lifelong interest in photographing the built environment. In contrast, his Oregon roots fostered an appreciation of the open space and scale of the Great Basin landscape of eastern Oregon. Upon meeting Terri Warpinski, through their travels together is horizons broadened to include the deserts of the American southwest and the Middle East, and the hillsides and ruins of Italy.

Fritz's fascination with the breathtaking vastness of the desert landscape has led to an affinity for the panoramic format and the long view as a natural response to that sometimes great emptiness. Working in both color and black-and-white, his work explored the landscape utilizing both traditional methods and new technology. He employed vintage cameras and lenses to capture images on film, but prefered the digital
darkroom for the added control afforded the final print.

Garry passed away too soon in June of 2004 at the ripe old age of 54.