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Andrew Coonfield

Sunbeam, 2003

Fujicolor Crystal Archive print

image 8 x 10

Andrew Coonfield, he likes to take pictures, is a dedicated father, a computer genius, and photographer. Born and raised in Salem, Oregon. His personal philosophy regarding photography is to photograph his own life, as he see it, no matter the subject.

about the photo:

This image taken taken May 5, 2003 at 2:10pm, is of my daughter. She was shaking the dust out of a pillow that belonged to her Great Grandmother as a child, who grew up in a Confederate retirement home. The beam of light, filtered from the kitchen window, down to the basement. I threw a bolt of black velvet down behind her and took a 0.2 second exposure as she cupped the beam of light.

- Andrew J. Coonfield