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Al Flory

Leaf and Stem Study, n.d.

selenium toned gelatin silver print

image 9 x 6

Artist Autobiography and Statement

I have been an avid photographer for over 40 years. Largely self-taught, I shoot both black and white and color in 35 mm and 120 mm formats, as well as digital. At present, I do most of my photography in North Portland where I live and in Vancouver, WA where I work.

I enjoy working in the traditional black and white darkroom, which remains my first love, and also digitally manipulating photographs. Digital is a different medium in my opinion, and I see no point in simply replicating the same types of images that can be produced using traditional processes.

I have exhibited my images at Sixth Street Gallery and White Sturgeon Gallery in Vancouver, OMNI Gallery and Interstate Firehouse Cultural Center in Portland, and numerous other venues in Oregon, Washington, Alaska, Iowa, Ohio, and Japan. I am a member of the MOSAIC Arts Alliance, Inner Light Photographic Society and the Portland Photographers Forum; and I have exhibited with these groups as well.

My photographic interests include nature, images of Japan (where I lived for nearly 10 years), urban and rural scenery, the Columbia and Willamette Rivers, cats, soft focus images and (semi)-abstract photography.